Balloon extraction of a retained rectal foreign body under fluoroscopy, case report and review.

  title={Balloon extraction of a retained rectal foreign body under fluoroscopy, case report and review.},
  author={B{\"u}lent Azman and Burak Erkuş and B. Haluk G{\"u}venç},
  journal={Pediatric emergency care},
  volume={25 5},
Rectal foreign body impaction in infancy is extremely rare, and the literature does not describe a standard treatment procedure. Extraction by fiberoptic rectosigmoidoscope is advocated as the treatment of choice but is not free of possible complications. It should be also taken into consideration that the type of foreign body has an impact on the timing of treatment. We report a 50-day-old male presenting with a retained broken tip of a mercury thermometer in the rectum. A novel method of… 

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In this case report, a case of vaginal discharge with foreign body was detected in vagina and history of foreign body insertion into rectum was presented and attention was drawn to such combinations to prevent complications.

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The experience in the diagnosis and treatment of FB retained in the rectum is described, which indicates that foreign bodies introduced through the anal passage or reach therectum after oral ingestion is an infrequent clinical problem.

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Most of the uncomplicated rectal foreign bodies could be simply extracted transanally under adequate anesthesia, and Fiberoptic colonoscopic extraction provided an alternative choice.

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This is a case of local mercury absorption caused by accidental rectal perforation during monitoring of temperature that necessitates complete excision of mercury deposits.