Ballismus as a sign of transitional ischemic attack

  title={Ballismus as a sign of transitional ischemic attack},
  author={Seied Hesam Rahmani and Samad Shams Vahdati and Sajad Ahmadi and Arezou Tajlil},
  journal={Annals of Saudi Medicine},
  pages={70 - 72}
A 70-year-old woman presented to our emergency center with a complaint of jerking and twisting movements in her left upper limb and left ankle with deviation of her mouth toward the left. The movements had lasted two minutes and the deviation resolved spontaneously after 30 minutes. She had a history of similar movements five days earlier. During her stay in the emergency center, she experienced the same movements three times. A CT scan without contrast showed a small lesion in the left putamen… 
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The present study adds 2 further cases of hemiballismus, each with a unique character, to the world's literature, that of a woman with 3 transient episodes of ballistic movement, each associated with a rise in blood sugar.

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Data support the idea that choreo‐ballism in ALS Plus may be the result of pallido‐luyso‐rubro‐nigral atrophy, despite not being a result of concomitant DRPLA based on neuropathological and genetic criteria.

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