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Ball Tracking Robot Using Image Processing andRange Detection

  title={Ball Tracking Robot Using Image Processing andRange Detection},
  author={A. Joy and Ajith P Somaraj and Amal Joe and M. Shafi and M. NidheeshT},
  journal={International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering},
The variation in horizontal and vertical axis of tracked object generate control signal which is send to the controller wirelessly. The captured images of the object are processed using software MATLAB. Depending on the change in position of object, proper commands are given to the robot to track moving ball. This project is in aimed to design and develop a mobile robot which can track a moving ball. Here, we use the camera to capture image of the ball and these frames are processed to track… Expand
Color based Object Tracking Robot
A robotic object tracking robot controlled by a computer software that can track objects based on color, which reduces false detection and its flexible design confers the ability to handle a wide range of tasks. Expand
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This project developed a tracking algorithm that gives better results than single color tracking and is also trustable because when the unit cannot catch the person anymore, the alarm starts to warn the owner. Expand
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This system is based on least computation effort to control two motors that dictate the motion of Robotic Cart and can be used to do gesture based control of more complex drones and bionic organisms. Expand
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Eye Ball Tracking System is a device which is intended to assist patients that cannot perform any voluntary tasks related to daily life and provides a human computer interface in order to take decisions based on their eye movement. Expand
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The ground surveillance robot (GSR): An autonomous vehicle designed to transit unknown terrain
  • S. Harmon
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE J. Robotics Autom.
  • 1987
The experience from implementing this autonomous vehicle has indicated the need for an integrated set of debugging tools which make the faults in subsystem hardware and software more distinguishable. Expand
Testing of mobile surveillance robot at a nuclear power plant
SURBOT can be used for remote surveillance in 54 separate controlled radiation rooms at the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant and REMOTEC is now commercializing the SURBOT technology on both wheeled and tracked mobile robots for use in nuclear power plants and other hazardous environments. Expand
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Rapid object detection using a boosted cascade of simple features
  • Paul A. Viola, Michael J. Jones
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the 2001 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. CVPR 2001
  • 2001
A machine learning approach for visual object detection which is capable of processing images extremely rapidly and achieving high detection rates and the introduction of a new image representation called the "integral image" which allows the features used by the detector to be computed very quickly. Expand
Surveillance and Tracking System with Collaboration of Robots, Sensor Nodes, and RFID Tags
  • Yang Xiao, Yanping Zhang
  • Computer Science
  • 2009 Proceedings of 18th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks
  • 2009
A divide and conquer based surveillance framework, in which a large surveillance area is divided into small areas by critical points and critical lines, to provide maximum surveillance in terms of coverage with limited resources, i.e., a limit number of stationary sensor nodes and mobile robots. Expand
Intelligent surveillance and security robot systems
A new security solution that integrates vision, intelligent algorithm and robot technology is presented that can be applied to guarding large facilities, critical infrastructures and national borders. Expand
Pisarevsky, ”Learning-Based Computer Vision with Intel’s Open Source Computer Vision Library
  • Intel Technology Journal, Vol 9,Issue
  • 2005