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Balkan Muslim Diasporas and the Idea of a "European Islam"

  title={Balkan Muslim Diasporas and the Idea of a "European Islam"},
  author={Xavier Bougarel},
Since the 1960s, Balkan Muslims have primarily migrated towards western European countries. Balkan Muslim diasporas have played an important political role in the 1990s, but haev remained relatively "invisible" at the religious level. Their future participation to the shaping of a "European islam" depends among others from the place of Tuurkey in the European integration processes 
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  • K. Popek
  • Political Science
    Balcanica Posnaniensia Acta et studia
  • 2019
Ciało bez głowy”. Elita mniejszości muzułmańskiej na ziemiach bułgarskich na przełomie XIX i XX wieku Wojna rosyjsko-turecka lat 1877–1878 zakończyła panowanie osmańskie na ziemiach bułgarskich, co