Balancing multi-robot prioritized task allocation: A simulation approach


Multi robot task allocation is a fundamental problem in robotics. Mostly multi robot task allocation (MRTA) problems concentrate on the minimization of the total distance travelled by the robots (Robot centered). Due attention is required for task centered allocation (task priority). A lot of real life application such as robotic search and rescue missions, environmental or hazardous clean-up missions emphasizes the priority of task allocation and balancing the utilization of robots. This paper develops a simulation model involving task priority and the utilization of robots and refers to it as a Balance multi-robot prioritized task allocation (BMRPTA) problem. The performance of the model is evaluated based on the minimum average waiting time and the completion time objective which ensures there would be a reasonable path balancing between the robots. Analysis has been carried out to study the effect of task priority on robot utilization.

DOI: 10.1109/IEEM.2011.6118211

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