Balancing Environmental Impacts and Benefits of Wastewater Reuse

  title={Balancing Environmental Impacts and Benefits of Wastewater Reuse},
  author={Andrew J. Hamilton and Vincent L Versace and F. Stagnitti and Li Peijun and Wei Yin and PETA MAHER and Karen Hermon and Robert R Premier and Daniel Ierodiaconou},
Wastewater reuse is being widely promulgated to help address the global freshwater resource crisis. It can assist in reducing extraction of freshwater from the environment, and reuse of wastewater lessens the need for environmental discharge, which is clearly beneficial to receiving waters. But the practice itself also has the potential to be detrimental to natural and human environments: soil structure can become degraded, aquifers may be polluted, and human health may be threatened. The… CONTINUE READING