Balanced metrics on twisted Higgs bundles

  title={Balanced metrics on twisted Higgs bundles},
  author={Mario Garcia-Fernandez and Julius Ross},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},
A twisted Higgs bundle on a Kähler manifold X is a pair $$(E,\phi )$$(E,ϕ) consisting of a holomorphic vector bundle E and a holomorphic bundle morphism $$\phi :M \otimes E \rightarrow E$$ϕ:M⊗E→E for some holomorphic vector bundle M. Such objects were first considered by Hitchin when X is a curve and M is the tangent bundle of X, and also by Simpson for higher dimensional base. The Hitchin–Kobayashi correspondence for such pairs states that $$(E,\phi )$$(E,ϕ) is polystable if and only if E… 
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