Balance between endogenous superoxide stress and antioxidant defenses.

  title={Balance between endogenous superoxide stress and antioxidant defenses.},
  author={Amy Strohmeier Gort and James A. Imlay},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={180 6},
Cells devoid of cytosolic superoxide dismutase (SOD) suffer enzyme inactivation, growth deficiencies, and DNA damage. It has been proposed that the scant superoxide (O2-) generated by aerobic metabolism harms even cells that contain abundant SOD. However, this idea has been difficult to test. To determine the amount of O2- that is needed to cause these defects, we modulated the O2- concentration inside Escherichia coli by controlling the expression of SOD. An increase in O2- of more than… CONTINUE READING