• Biology
  • Published 1990

Balami Sheep: Performance in North-Eastern Nigeria

  title={Balami Sheep: Performance in North-Eastern Nigeria},
  author={V. Buvanendran and I. F. Adu},
Balami sheep is the largest inldigenous breeds of sheep in Nigeria with a mature ewe weight of 43 kg. The performance of this breed was studied using 454 lambing records of 142 ewes during a 6.year period. Lambing occured throughout the year with a peak during the wet season. First lambing was at 18 months of age and subsequent lamblngs occured at approximately 9 months intervals. Means litter size increased from 1.02 at first lambing to 1.6 at 54 months years of age, Lambing interval was… CONTINUE READING


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