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Baissea A. DC. Series of revisions of Apocynaceae XXXIX

  title={Baissea A. DC. Series of revisions of Apocynaceae XXXIX},
  author={F. J. H. Van-Dilst},
The Apocynaceae of Namibia
A selection of images from the 2016/17 USGS report on quantitative hazard assessments of earthquake-triggered landsliding and liquefaction are provided. Expand
August Wulfhorst (1861–1936) and His Overlooked Contributions on the Flora of Angola
Abstract Figueiredo, E., G. F. Smith & R. Nyffeler (2013). August Wulfhorst (1861–1936) and his overlooked contributions on the flora of Angola. Candollea 68: 123–131. In English, English and FrenchExpand
Climate niches of milkweeds with plesiomorphic traits (Secamonoideae; Apocynaceae) and the milkweed sister group link ancient African climates and floral evolution.
Whether milkweeds have a drier climate niche is tested by comparing milk weeds with plesiomorphic traits (Secamonoideae) and the milkweed sister group in continental Africa, consistent with a shift from rainforests to dry forests in a cooling climate. Expand