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Baicalein 6-methy ether 7-glucoside induced apoptosis in HeLa cells via caspase dependent pathway

  title={Baicalein 6-methy ether 7-glucoside induced apoptosis in HeLa cells via caspase dependent pathway},
  author={Z. Guan and X. Wang and S. Jiang and D. An and J. Li and Shui Yu and L. Ye},
Background: Baicalin is a traditional herbal medicine and widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries due to its biological functions. In the present study, we report that an analogue of baicalin, baicalein 6-methy ether 7-glucoside (BG), is significantly more toxic to HeLa cells than baicalin and investigate the potential molecular mechanisms. Methods: The effects of baicalin and BG on cell viabilities in vitro were quantified by CCK-8 assay. Apoptosis of HeLa cells… Expand
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