Bahusutrabeeja, a new genus of the Hyphomycetes

  title={Bahusutrabeeja, a new genus of the Hyphomycetes},
  author={C. V. Subramanian and Darbhe Jayarama Bhat},
A dematiaceous hyphomycete, Bahusutrabeeja dwaya gen. et sp. nov., collected on twigs of Cojfea arabica from India, is described and illustrated. 
Nawawia nitida anam. sp. nov. (Hyphomycetes) and further records of Nawawia filiformis from Malaysia
A new species of the anamorph genus Nawawia, isolated from submerged decaying twigs of an undetermined tree, is described and compared with the type species, Nawawia filiformis, and BahusutrabeejaExpand
Setosporella, a new genus of Hyphomycetes from Egyptian soils
A new genus of dematiaceus hyphomycetes, Setosporella, characterized by true chains of holoblastic conidia which are produced retrogressively by ampulliform to lageniform conidiogenous cells. Expand
Some ‘phialidic’ hyphomycetes from Ethiopia
Some ‘phialidic’ hyphomycetes including Paradischloridium ychaffrei gen. et sp.nov., Dictyochaeta tilikfrei sp. nov., Kylindria excentrica sp.nov. and Sporoschisma nigroseptatum are described andExpand
New species or records of Cacumisporium, Helicosporium, Monotosporella and Bahusutrabeeja on submerged wood in Hong Kong streams
Unusual features observed in the collection of Monotosporella rhizoidea are reported, while Bahusutrabeeja dwaya is a new record from streams in Hong Kong. Expand
Phialolunulospora vermispora (Chaetosphaeriaceae, Sordariomycetes), a novel asexual genus and species from freshwater in southern China
Abstract The asexual taxon Phialolunulospora vermisporagen. et sp. nov., collected from submerged dicotyledonous leaves in Hainan, China, is described and illustrated herein. Phialolunulosporagen.Expand
Phylogeny and taxonomy of Catenularia and similar fungi with catenate conidia
The genus Catenularia was reviewed, and its relationships with morphologically similar fungi were evaluated using molecular and morphological data, revealing Chalarodes obpyramidatasp. Expand
Delimitation, new species and teleomorph-anamorph relationships in Codinaea, Dendrophoma, Paragaeumannomyces and Striatosphaeria (Chaetosphaeriaceae)
Morphological comparison and phylogenetic analyses of the combined ITS-28S sequences of 35 isolates and vouchers revealed a strongly-supported, morphologically well-delimited clade in the Chaetosphaeriaceae containing 16 species; the generic name Paragaeumannomyces is applied to this monophyletic clade. Expand
Sequence data reveals phylogenetic affinities of fungal anamorphs Bahusutrabeeja, Diplococcium, Natarajania, Paliphora, Polyschema, Rattania and Spadicoides
Results indicate that Diplococcium and morphologically similar genera, i.e. Spadicoides, Paliphora and Polyschema do not share a recent common ancestor, and it is suggested that where possible all new species descriptions should include DNA sequence-data to facilitate amalgamation of anamorphic and pleomorphic genera in a single phylogenetic classification system. Expand