Badges without Borders

  title={Badges without Borders},
  author={Stuart Schrader},
'Cops Are Cops': American Campus Police and the Global Carceral Apparatus
ABSTRACT Campus police in the United States are often discussed in terms of their domestic impact on college grounds and the surrounding neighbourhoods, but they have a lesser-known global impact as
“Global counterinsurgency and the police-military continuum: introduction to the special issue”
Abstract This introduction to the special issue ”Global Counterinsurgency and the Police-Military Continuum” examines the emergence of global counterinsurgency in the twentieth century and introduces
India’s counterinsurgency knowledge: theorizing global position in wars on terror
  • Rhys Machold
  • Political Science
    Small Wars & Insurgencies
  • 2022
ABSTRACT Within recent critical debates about the geographies and circulations of counterinsurgency knowledge, scholars have focused primarily on dominant centres of power and authority in the global
Beyond ambivalence: Locating the whiteness of security
Critical security studies’ increasing engagement with race and racism offers a welcome corrective to the subfield’s longstanding tendency to ignore such concerns. Yet our intervention begins from the
FROM CRIME FIGHTING TO COUNTERINSURGENCY: The Transformation of London’s Special Patrol Group in the 1970s
  • J. Go
  • Law
    Small Wars & Insurgencies
  • 2021
ABSTRACT The Special Patrol Group (SPG) of the London Metropolitan Police was formed as a crime-fighting unit in 1965. Beginning in the early 1970s, however, it underwent a transformation of
The multilateral production of global policing: UN peace operations as hubs for protest policing
  • Lou Pingeot
  • Political Science
    Small Wars & Insurgencies
  • 2021
ABSTRACT This article argues that UN peace operations play a central role in the nexus between policing and counterinsurgency, and constitute one of the underappreciated sites and circuits of
Cartels or Concessions: The hidden use of state violence in Mexico
  • Political Science
  • 2021
______________________________________________________________________________ The use of state security forces to facilitate private mineral exploitation in Mexico has resulted in ongoing human
Colonial Lives of the Carceral Archipelago: Rethinking the Neoliberal Security State
Mass incarceration, police brutality, and border controls are part and parcel of the everyday experiences of marginalized and racialized communities across the world. Recent scholarship in
‘Fight the reds, support the blue’: Blue Lives Matter and the US counter-subversive tradition
In the wake of the rightwing siege of the US Capitol, which put ‘Blue Lives Matter’ supporters at odds with police protecting the Capitol, the authors look to the history and contours of the
Securing Manifest Destiny
This article argues Mexico’s war on drugs was a tactic by elites in both the United States and Mexico to legitimate the Mexican neoliberal state’s political, economic, and ideological governance over