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Bad and good news for Strassen's laser method: Border rank of the 3x3 permanent and strict submultiplicativity

  title={Bad and good news for Strassen's laser method: Border rank of the 3x3 permanent and strict submultiplicativity},
  author={Austin Conner and Hang Huang and Joseph Landsberg},
We determine the border ranks of tensors that could potentially advance the known upper bound for the exponent $\omega$ of matrix multiplication. The Kronecker square of the small $q=2$ Coppersmith-Winograd tensor equals the $3\times 3$ permanent, and could potentially be used to show $\omega=2$. We prove the negative result for complexity theory that its border rank is $16$, resolving a longstanding problem. Regarding its $q=4$ skew cousin in $ C^5\otimes C^5\otimes C^5$, which could… 
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The structure tensor of sln, denoted Tsln , is the tensor arising from the Lie bracket bilinear operation on the set of traceless n × n matrices over C. This tensor is intimately related to the well
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It is observed that a well-known tensor could potentially be used in the laser method to prove the exponent of matrix multiplication is two and new upper bounds are proved on its Waring rank and rank, border rank and Waring border rank, which are of interest in their own right.
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The two key ingredients are: (i) the use of a multi-graded ideal associated to a border rank $r$ decomposition of any tensor, and (ii) the exploitation of the large symmetry group of $T$ to restrict to $B_T$-invariant ideals, where $B-T$ is a maximal solvable subgroup of the symmetry groupof $T$.
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Limits on the Universal method for matrix multiplication
  • Josh Alman
  • Computer Science
    Computational Complexity Conference
  • 2019
This work proves that the Universal method applied to any Coppersmith-Winograd tensor CWq cannot yield a bound on ω, the exponent of matrix multiplication, better than 2.16805.
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A new framework is described extending the original laser method, which is the method underlying the algorithms by Coppersmith and Winograd, Stothers, Vassilevska-Williams and Le Gall, and is the first to explain why taking tensor powers of the Coppermith-Winograd identity results in faster algorithms.
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The notion of "irreversibility" of a tensor is introduced and it is proved that any approach that uses an irreversible tensor in an intermediate step cannot give ω = 2.37, proving that the best upper bound achievable is lower bounded by two times the irreversibility of the intermediate tensor.
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The border rank of the matrix multiplication operator for n by n matrices is a standard measure of its complexity. Using techniques from algebraic geometry and representation theory, we show the