Baculum length and copulatory behavior in primates

  title={Baculum length and copulatory behavior in primates},
  author={A. F. Dixson},
  journal={American Journal of Primatology},
  • A. F. Dixson
  • Published 1987
  • Biology, Medicine
  • American Journal of Primatology
  • The length of the baculum (os penis) was measured in 74 adult males representing 46 primate species. These data, and a review of previously published measurements, indicate that variation in baculum length among primates is related to taxonomic and behavioral differences. Thus, many New World monkeys have shorter bacula, relative to body weight, than Old World monkeys. The baculum is shorter in colobine monkeys than in cercopithecines. Among the great apes, reduction of the baculum is more… CONTINUE READING