Bacteriophages and indicator bacteria in human and animal faeces.

  title={Bacteriophages and indicator bacteria in human and animal faeces.},
  author={A. H. Havelaar and Kosuke Furuse and W. M. Hogeboom},
  journal={The Journal of applied bacteriology},
  volume={60 3},
In an attempt to explain the presence of F-specific (RNA) bacteriophages in waste-water, faecal material from humans and a variety of animals was examined. The phages were detected in appreciable numbers only in faeces from pigs, broiler chickens, sheep and calves but not from dogs, cows, horses and humans. Parallel examinations for somatic coliphages, thermotolerant coliforms, faecal streptococci and spores of sulphite-reducing clostridia revealed the consistent presence of these organisms in… CONTINUE READING
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