Bacteriophage influence Campylobacter jejuni types populating broiler chickens.

  title={Bacteriophage influence Campylobacter jejuni types populating broiler chickens.},
  author={Andrew E. Scott and Andrew R. Timms and Phillippa Leigh Connerton and Ayman El-Shibiny and Ian Frank Connerton},
  journal={Environmental microbiology},
  volume={9 9},
The characteristics that allow one Campylobacter jejuni genotype to succeed over another under the influence of bacteriophage predation have been examined in experimental broiler chickens following the observation that this succession appeared to occur in naturally colonized broiler chicken flocks. Examination of three C. jejuni strains from a single flock indicated that horizontal transfer of at least 112 kb of genomic DNA from strain F2C10 (bacteriophage sensitive) to strain F2E1… CONTINUE READING