Bacteriology of chronic purulent secretions in chronic rhinosinusitis.

  title={Bacteriology of chronic purulent secretions in chronic rhinosinusitis.},
  author={J. M. Klossek and Luc J Dubreuil and Herv{\'e} M Richet and B Richet and Patrice Beutter},
  journal={The Journal of laryngology and otology},
  volume={112 12},
The aim of this work was to study the bacterial flora of purulent secretions during chronic rhinosinusitis. We studied a total of 533 patients divided into two groups. The control population consisted of 139 adults (> 16 years) of both sexes seen in the community or hospitalized for less than 72 hours for non-rhinological conditions. The rhinosinusitis group consisted of 394 patients referred to the ENT clinic with chronic rhinosinusitis. All the patients with rhinosinusitis had had a post… CONTINUE READING


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