Bacteriological and histological profile of turkeys condemned for cyanosis.

  title={Bacteriological and histological profile of turkeys condemned for cyanosis.},
  author={J G Mallia and Branden Hunter and John P. Vaillancourt and Rebecca Irwin and Catherine Anne Muckle and S Wayne Martin and Scott A. McEwen},
  journal={Poultry science},
  volume={79 8},
Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has adopted the term cyanosis to describe a category of condemnation for poultry that is dark but has no other condemnable lesions. Two case-control studies (n = 30 pairs; n = 65 pairs) of 18-wk-old tom turkeys were conducted. A case was defined as a carcass condemned by the veterinary inspector for cyanosis, and a control carcass was one that passed inspection. Microbiological tests were conducted on samples of Pectoralis major and Gastrocnemius… CONTINUE READING