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Bacteriocin production by probiotic bacteria from curd and its field application to poultry

  title={Bacteriocin production by probiotic bacteria from curd and its field application to poultry},
  author={V. Jothi and K.T.K. An and Ian and T. Shankar},
  journal={Archives of Applied Science Research},
The present study was undertaken in the lactic acid bacilli isolated from curd samples and its probiotic efficiency was checked by feed supplement to poultry. A total number of 45 LAB (lactic acid bacilli) were isolated from the curd sample and the best bacteriocin producing Lactobacilli strain was selected by antibacterial activity assay, bile tolerance test, acid tolerant test and H2O2 content. Among the isolates the probiotic from raw curd (Lactobacillus sp VJ 32) was used for the dietary… Expand
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