Bacterial walls, peptidoglycan hydrolases, autolysins, and autolysis.

  title={Bacterial walls, peptidoglycan hydrolases, autolysins, and autolysis.},
  author={Gerald D. Shockman and Lolita Daneo-Moore and Reiko Kariyama and Orietta Massidda},
  journal={Microbial drug resistance},
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Knowledge of the chemistry, ultrastructure, biosynthesis, assembly, and function of bacterial cell walls has expanded enormously since the opening of this field of research approximately 40 years ago, primarily by the early work of Milton Salton. It has become abundantly clear that, in most environments, walls are essential to the survival and growth of bacteria and in many ways are structurally and functionally unique. A common but not universal feature of bacterial walls is the presence of… CONTINUE READING