Bacterial vaginosis and preterm delivery: an open question.


OBJECTIVE To evaluate the prevalence of bacterial vaginosis in a population of Italian pregnant women and to study its association with adverse pregnancy outcomes, particularly preterm delivery. STUDY DESIGN After giving informed consent, 598 women were consecutively enrolled at their first prenatal visit (13-18 weeks of gestation). The presence of… (More)


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@article{Seta2005BacterialVA, title={Bacterial vaginosis and preterm delivery: an open question.}, author={Francesco de Seta and Andrea Sartore and Monica Piccoli and Gianpaolo Maso and Sandro Zicari and Francesca Panerari and Secondo Guaschino}, journal={The Journal of reproductive medicine}, year={2005}, volume={50 5}, pages={313-8} }