Bacterial spread from cell to cell: beyond actin-based motility.

  title={Bacterial spread from cell to cell: beyond actin-based motility.},
  author={Carole J. Kuehl and A. Dragoi and Arthur M Talman and Herv{\'e} Agaisse},
  journal={Trends in microbiology},
  volume={23 9},
Several intracellular pathogens display the ability to propagate within host tissues by displaying actin-based motility in the cytosol of infected cells. As motile bacteria reach cell-cell contacts they form plasma membrane protrusions that project into adjacent cells and resolve into vacuoles from which the pathogen escapes, thereby achieving spread from cell to cell. Seminal studies have defined the bacterial and cellular factors that support actin-based motility. By contrast, the mechanisms… CONTINUE READING