Bacterial metabolism of fluorene, dibenzofuran, dibenzothiophene, and carbazole.

  title={Bacterial metabolism of fluorene, dibenzofuran, dibenzothiophene, and carbazole.},
  author={David C. Bressler and Phillip M. Fedorak},
  journal={Canadian journal of microbiology},
  volume={46 5},
Fluorene and its three heteroatomic analogs, dibenzofuran, dibenzothiophene, and carbazole, are environmental contaminants in areas impacted by spills of creosote. In addition, dibenzofuran has been used as an insecticide, and it is formed from the photolysis of chlorinated biphenyl ethers. Many biodegradation studies of dibenzofuran have considered it as a model for chlorinated dibenzofurans, which are of greater environmental concern. This paper reviews the bacterial degradation of fluorene… CONTINUE READING


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