Bacterial genome sizes determined by DNA renaturation studies.

  title={Bacterial genome sizes determined by DNA renaturation studies.},
  author={Arne Leth Bak and C. Christiansen and A Stenderup},
  journal={Journal of general microbiology},
  volume={64 3},
The genome size of bacterial DNA is known only for a very few species. Autoradiographic studies by Cairns (1963) have shown that the DNA in Escherichia coli is organized into a single circular molecule, 1100 to 1400,um. long. Haemophilus infIuenzae was found by electron microscopy to contain a total length of DNA of about 800,um. (MacHattie, Berns & Thomas, 1965), corresponding to the DNA content of two nucleoids per cell (Berns & Thomas, 1965). Measurements of intact DNA molecules of this… CONTINUE READING
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