Bacteria fauna from the house fly, Musca domestica (L.).

  title={Bacteria fauna from the house fly, Musca domestica (L.).},
  author={Wasi Ahmad Nazni and B. Seleena and Han Lim Lee and John Jeffery and T A R T Rogayah and Masoomeh Sofian},
  journal={Tropical biomedicine},
  volume={22 2},
The house fly, Musca domestica has long been considered a potential agent for disease transmission ever since its existence. The general truth of this assertion remains undisputed till the present day in spite of increasing awareness toward an improved sanitation and better hygiene. The habitual movement of house fly from filthy substrata such as human faeces, animal excreta, carcasses, garbage, etc. makes them ideal candidates for disease transmission such as cholera, shigellosis… CONTINUE READING