Bacteria beneath the West Antarctic ice sheet.

  title={Bacteria beneath the West Antarctic ice sheet.},
  author={Brian Lanoil and Mark Skidmore and John C Priscu and Sukkyun Han and Wilson Foo and Stefan W Vogel and Slawek M. Tulaczyk and Hermann F. Engelhardt},
  journal={Environmental microbiology},
  volume={11 3},
Subglacial environments, particularly those that lie beneath polar ice sheets, are beginning to be recognized as an important part of Earth's biosphere. However, except for indirect indications of microbial assemblages in subglacial Lake Vostok, Antarctica, no sub-ice sheet environments have been shown to support microbial ecosystems. Here we report 16S rRNA gene and isolate diversity in sediments collected from beneath the Kamb Ice Stream, West Antarctic Ice Sheet and stored for 15 months at 4… CONTINUE READING
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