Backstepping control of the plasma current profile in the DIII-D tokamak

  title={Backstepping control of the plasma current profile in the DIII-D tokamak},
  author={Mark D. Boyer and Justin Barton and Eugenio Schuster and Timothy C. Luce and John R. Ferron and Michael L. Walker and David A. Humphreys and Ben G. Penaflor and Robert D. Johnson},
  journal={2012 American Control Conference (ACC)},
Control of the spatial profile of plasma current in tokamak plasmas has been demonstrated to be a key condition for achieving advanced scenarios with improved confinement and possible steady-state operation. The dynamics of the current profile are nonlinear and coupled with several other plasma parameters, motivating the design of model-based controllers that can account for these complexities. In this work, we consider a control-oriented model of the current profile evolution in DIII-D and the… CONTINUE READING