Background-free solution boron NMR spectroscopy.


The appearance of background signals arising from the NMR probe and tube is a well-known problem of boron NMR spectroscopy. Background suppression may be achieved by using DEPTH, which increases the signal-to-background (S/B) ratio. Although, the quality of such spectra is often adequate, but in the case of rapid relaxation broadened resonances (T(1)  < 1… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/mrc.3854


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@article{Kirly2012BackgroundfreeSB, title={Background-free solution boron NMR spectroscopy.}, author={P{\'e}ter Kir{\'a}ly}, journal={Magnetic resonance in chemistry : MRC}, year={2012}, volume={50 9}, pages={620-6} }