Background K+ current in isolated canine cardiac Purkinje myocytes.

  title={Background K+ current in isolated canine cardiac Purkinje myocytes.},
  author={Avinash K. Shah and Ira S. Cohen and N. B. Datyner},
  journal={Biophysical journal},
  volume={52 4},
The current-voltage (I-V) relation of the background current, IK1, was studied in isolated canine cardiac Purkinje myocytes using the whole-cell, patch-clamp technique. Since Ba2+ and Cs+ block IK1, these cations were used to separate the I-V relation of IK1 from that of the whole cell. The I-V relation of IK1 was measured as the difference between the I-V relations of the cell in normal Tyrode (control solution) and in the presence of either Ba2+ (1 mM) or Cs+ (10 mM). Our results indicate… CONTINUE READING

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