Back to the Future: Trendy Fascism, the Trump Effect, and the Alt-Right

  title={Back to the Future: Trendy Fascism, the Trump Effect, and the Alt-Right},
  author={Nancy S. Love},
  journal={New Political Science},
  pages={263 - 268}
  • Nancy S. Love
  • Published 3 April 2017
  • Sociology
  • New Political Science
I started writing Trendy Fascism: White Power Music and the Future of Democracy following the 2008 election of Barack Obama, the first African American President of the United States, and I finishe... 
New Course, New Discourse, New Racism? : Right-Wing Alternative Media in Sweden
Like elsewhere in Europe, the tides of nationalist right-wing rhetoric in Sweden have become instrumental in generating a wave of anti-liberal and anti-immigration sentiments in politics and media.
II: Political Thinkers and Ideas Penseurs Et Idées Politiques
In 2014-2015, A. Akçaoǧlu was a visiting scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, where he had come to work with L. Wacquant on his research on “the conservative habitus” in contemporary
Defusing the male working class: Populist politics and reality television
This article presents an analysis of the makeover reality show Real Men, which was broadcast on Swedish television in 2016. The analysis shows that Real Men – like other shows of its genre –
Discourses of resilience in the US alt-right
ABSTRACT The New Right movements known as the American alt-right regularly appeal to resilience and resistance. In this article, we examine whether and how they include resilience thinking in their
Reactionary Internationalism: the philosophy of the New Right
Abstract What does the New Right want from international relations? In this article, we argue that the philosophy of the New Right is not reducible to a negation of internationalism. The New Right
Flagging support for rockabilly rebels: the Confederate battle flag’s place in the current European rockabilly scene
The continued presence and place of the Confederate battle flag in the modern United States of America is the focus of significant contemporary debate. Originating from the American Civil War the
Youth and the Far Right
This chapter introduces the topic of young people and the Far Right, pointing out that it is not the young raging Neo-Nazi that dominates the ranks of the Far Right movement, but rather ordinary
Feminist methods in a “post-truth” political climate: objectives, strategies, and divisions
Abstract The legitimacy of feminist ways of knowing and the well-being of marginalized identities they attend to are endangered by a “post-truth,” North American political climate. There thus arises
Right-wing opposition to the mainstream radical right: the cases of Hungary and Poland
  • A. Goldstein
  • Political Science
    Journal of Contemporary Central and Eastern Europe
  • 2021
ABSTRACT The aim of this article is to compare the role played by radical right and right wing parties in opposition to the mainstream radical right wing governments in Hungary and Poland. We analyse
What is a minor international theory? On the limits of ‘Critical International Relations’
This article argues that ‘Critical International Relations’, often counterpoised to ‘mainstream IR’, has come to function as a major theoretical category in its own right. It argues that critique


The Force of the Example: Explorations in the Paradigm of Judgment
PrefaceIntroduction1. Judgment as a Paradigm2. Making Sense of the Exemplary3. The Exemplary and the Public Realm: Reconstructing the Normativity of the Reasonable4. Exemplifying the Worst: Facing up
Klassen's major writings include, Nature's Eternal Religion (lighthouse Point, Fl: church of the creator, 1973); The White Man's Bible (lighthouse Point
  • Fl: church of the creator
  • 1982
Salubrious Living: A Natural Life Style for Achieving and Maintaining the Ultimate in Superb Health and Well-Being as Practiced by the Church of the Creator
  • 1982