Bacillus subtilis ilvB operon: an intersection of global regulons.

  title={Bacillus subtilis ilvB operon: an intersection of global regulons.},
  author={Robert P. Shivers and Abraham L. Sonenshein},
  journal={Molecular microbiology},
  volume={56 6},
The genes of the major Bacillus subtilis operon (ilvB) for biosynthesis of branched-chain amino acids are subject to multiple mechanisms of regulation. The global regulatory proteins CodY and TnrA bind upstream of the transcription start site and are likely to control transcription initiation, leucine-specific tRNA regulates transcriptional elongation, and unknown factors differentially cleave the full-length mRNA. Another global regulator, CcpA, known to be required for ilvB transcription, was… CONTINUE READING


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