Bacillus subtilis MazF-bs (EndoA) is a UACAU-specific mRNA interferase.

  title={Bacillus subtilis MazF-bs (EndoA) is a UACAU-specific mRNA interferase.},
  author={Jung Ho Park and Yoshihiro Yamaguchi and M. Inouye},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={585 15},
MazF is an mRNA interferase which cleaves mRNAs at a specific sequence. Here, we show that in contrast to MazF-ec from Escherichia coli, which specifically cleaves ACA sequences, MazF-bs from Bacillus subtilis is an mRNA interferase that specifically cleaves a five-base sequence, UACAU. MazF homologues widely prevailing in Gram-positive bacteria were found to be highly homologous to MazF-bs, suggesting that they may also have similar cleavage specificity. This cleavage site is over-represented… CONTINUE READING

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