Babymetal and the ambivalence of cuteness

  title={Babymetal and the ambivalence of cuteness},
  author={Lorraine Plourde},
  journal={International Journal of Cultural Studies},
  pages={293 - 307}
  • Lorraine Plourde
  • Published 1 May 2018
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of Cultural Studies
This article examines the recent emergence of the genre of ‘cute metal’ through the Japanese teen girl group Babymetal. Drawing on Sianne Ngai’s theories of cuteness, I explore notions of cuteness on two levels: Babymetal’s cute, and at times childish, vision of metal that evokes cuteness’s intertwining with violence and aggressiveness and the critical, yet ambivalent, reception of Babymetal by some in the global metal community as inauthentic or suspect. The critiques and affective responses… 
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