Babbling development of hearing-impaired and normally hearing subjects.

  title={Babbling development of hearing-impaired and normally hearing subjects.},
  author={Carol Stoel-Gammon and Koji Otomo},
  journal={The Journal of speech and hearing disorders},
  volume={51 1},
Phonetic transcriptions of babbling samples from 11 normally hearing subjects, age 4-18 months, were compared with samples from 11 hearing-impaired subjects, age 4-28 months. Longitudinal data were available for all hearing babies and for 8 of the 11 hearing-impaired subjects. The analysis focused on two measures: (a) size of consonantal repertoire over time and (b) proportional occurrence of multisyllabic consonant-vowel utterances. On average, the normally hearing subjects evidenced an… CONTINUE READING

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