Ba8MnNb6O24: a model two-dimensional spin-5/2 triangular lattice antiferromagnet.

  title={Ba8MnNb6O24: a model two-dimensional spin-5/2 triangular lattice antiferromagnet.},
  author={Ryan Rawl and Luwei Ge and Z. Lu and Zach Evenson and Clarina R. dela Cruz and Q. Huang and M. Lee and Eun Sang Choi and Martin Mourigal and H. D. Zhou and J Ma},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
  • R. Rawl, L. Ge, +8 authors J. Ma
  • Published 2019
  • Materials Science, Physics
  • arXiv: Materials Science
We successfully synthesized and characterized the triangular lattice anitferromagnet Ba$_8$MnNb$_6$O$_{24}$, which comprises equilateral spin-5/2 Mn$^{2+}$ triangular layers separated by six non-magnetic Nb$^{5+}$ layers. The detailed susceptibility, specific heat, elastic and inelastic neutron scattering measurements, and spin wave theory simulation on this system reveal that it has a 120 degree ordering ground state below T$_N$ = 1.45 K with in-plane nearest-neighbor exchange interaction ~0… Expand

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