BUILDING THAI MODERNITY: The Maha Dhammakaya Cetiya

  title={BUILDING THAI MODERNITY: The Maha Dhammakaya Cetiya},
  author={Judith Snodgrass},
  journal={Architectural Theory Review},
  pages={173 - 185}
  • J. Snodgrass
  • Published 1 November 2003
  • Sociology
  • Architectural Theory Review
In the lead up to the completion and consecration of the Dhammakaya Cetiya near Bangkok in May 2000, English language publications from this Thai Buddhist sect's international division promoted it as a gesture for world peace: “In 2000 the world is going to calm down.” The claim speaks to the overriding concern of the twenty first century and links the futuristic, hi-tech building with a Buddhist tradition of stupa building dating back to the third century BC stupas of the King Asoka. Great… 



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Edict XXX for example, speaks of planting medicinal herbs, plantingshade trees along roads, etc. See Dhammakaya website for details of its humanitarian and philanthropic activities

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Claim your own inner refuge for eternity"! 19%). By 1999 the focus is even more globally acceptable, speaking of "inner peace through conscious ethics

    For an account of this see the intnxluction to Strong, The Legend o/Asoka

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    Jeffrey Bowers, quoted in Far Eastern Economic Renew

    • This is well covered in Jackson. Buddhism. Legitimation and Conflict

    There were two Dhammakaya monks in the United States at that time. The mission in Sydney lx

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