BSP A1/A2-like proteins in ram seminal plasma.

  title={BSP A1/A2-like proteins in ram seminal plasma.},
  author={Maria In{\^e}s Mascarenhas Jobim and Eneder Rosana Oberst and Christianne Gazzana Salbego and Vera Wald and Ana Paula Horn and Rodrigo Costa Mattos},
  volume={63 7},
The objective of this study was to assess the protein profile of ovine seminal plasma using 2D-PAGE and verify if BSP A1/A2 are present in ovine seminal plasma. Seminal plasma was collected from three mature rams and pooled to eliminate individual differences. Seminal plasma samples were submitted to 2D-PAGE using 12% acrylamide gels. The image analysis software identified 21 protein spots on the air-dried gel, with molecular weight ranging from 15 to 115 kDa and pI 3.2 to 8.7. The most… CONTINUE READING