BRST Cohomology and Phase Space Reduction in Deformation Quantization

  title={BRST Cohomology and Phase Space Reduction in Deformation Quantization},
  author={Martin Bordemann and Hans-Christian Herbig and Stefan Brass Alexander Hinneburg Heike Stephan Ramona Vah Waldmann},
In this article we consider quantum phase space reduction when zero is a regular value of the momentum map. By analogy with the classical case we define the BRST cohomology in the framework of deformation quantization. We compute the quantum BRST cohomology in terms of a ‘quantum’ Chevalley-Eilenberg cohomology of the Lie algebra on the constraint surface. To prove this result, we construct an explicit chain homotopy, both in the classical and quantum case, which is constructed out of a… CONTINUE READING
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