BRL 20330, an oral prodrug of temocillin: bioavailability studies in man.

  title={BRL 20330, an oral prodrug of temocillin: bioavailability studies in man.},
  author={Michael J. Basker and David J. Merrikin and Roger J. Ponsford and Brian Slocombe and T. C. G. Tasker},
  journal={The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy},
  volume={18 3},
BRL 20330 is the o-methyl phenyl ester of temocillin which is well absorbed after oral administration and converted to temocillin in the body. BRL 20330 was administered to healthy subjects in a three-part cross-over study with single doses equivalent to 400, 600 and 800 mg of temocillin. Peak serum concentrations of temocillin were 9.8, 12.8 and 15.8 mg/l respectively and concentrations of 3.0-6.0 mg/l were measured at 12 h after dosing. High and prolonged concentrations of temocillin were… 
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Temocillin
The cumulative percentage of a 24-h period during which the free drug concentration exceeds the minimum inhibitory concentration at steady-state pharmacokinetic conditions seems to be the best pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) index correlating with temocillin efficacy.
Chapter 13. Beta-Lactam Antibiotics
Penicillins and Others, β‐Lactams
Penicillin G, penicillin V, and 6-APA have become widely used for the treatment of bacterial infections and are regarded as one of the safest and most efficacious classes of antibiotics.
Effects of food on drug absorption.
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