BRITISH Paediatric Association; proceedings of the twenty-third general meeting.


F. M. B. Allen, Eric C. Allibone, 1. McA. Anderson, John Apley, C&ile Asher, H. S. Baar, M. Bodian, R. E. Bonham Carter, F. Braid, J. V. Braithwaite, Denis Browne, W. A. B. Campbell, I. A. B. Cathie, N. S. Clark, W. R. F. Collis, T. Colver, J. Craig, W. S. Craig, E. Mildred Creak, J. Crooks, V. Mary Crosse, G. Davison, R. H. Dobbs, Eric F. Dott, D. M. Douglas, R. W. B. Ellis, J. L. Emery, P. R. Evans, D. Gairdner, W. Gaisford, W. H. Galloway, J. Gerrard, S. Graham, R. R. Gordon, E. W. Hart, J. D. Hay, W. Henderson, A. Holzel, Douglas Hubble, J. L. Henderson, J. H. Hutchison, R. Illingworth, Ursula James, Hugh Jolly, H. Everley Jones, J. J. Kempton, G. M. Komrower, R. Lightwood, P. MacArthur, D. MacCarthy, A. R. MacGregor, M. MacGregor, Helen M. M. Mackay, R. MacKeith, J. Hart Mercer, F. J. W. Millar, R. A. Miller, A. V. Neale, G. A. Neligan, D. N. Nicholson, A. P. Norman, J. N. O'Reilly, H. Parry-Williams, Clifford Parsons, C. Bruce Perry, C. Pinckney, C. T. Potter, B. Schlesinger, R. A. Shanks, Victoria Smallpeice, W. C. Smallwood. J. Forest Smith, R. E. Smith, R. E. Steen, J. Thomson, M. Thomson, J. P. M. Tizard, R. McL. Todd, C. W. Vining, D. Waterston, A. G. Watkins, T. Pearse Williams, D. W. Winnicott, Mary Wilmers, Winifred F. Young, S. Yudkin, R. B. Zachary. The Minutes of the last annual meeting were approved. ELEcTION OF OFFICERS. The following were elected by ballot for the year 1955-56: PRESIDENT: Professor F. M. B. Allen. TREASURER: Dr. R. Lightwood. SECRETARY: Dr. P. R. Evans. EXEcuTIVE CoMMnnrEE (for three years): Dr. J. Vernon Braithwaite. Dr. F. J. W. Miller. Dr. G. Clifford Parsons. Dr. T. Pearse Williams. (to replace Dr. D. Court, Prof. W. S. Craig, Dr. D. Gairdner, Professor W. F. Gaisford). ELEcTIoN OF NEw MEMBERS. The followingwere elected by ballot to membership of the Association: HONORARY MEMBERs: Professor Stanley Graham. Dr. Cicely D. Williams. CORRESPONDING MEMBERS: Dr. L. Emmett Holt, Junr. (New York). Dr. Bronson Crothers (Boston). Dr. G. Huet (Holland). ORDINARY MEMBERS: Dr. E. G. Brewis (Newcastle). Dr. J. 0. Forfar (Edinburgh). Dr. C. Harvey (Doncaster). Dr. W. Henderson (York). Dr. F. P. Hudson (Southport). Dr. J. Lorber (Sheffield). Dr. W. H. Patterson (Manchester). Dr. K. B. Rogers (Birmingham). Dr. J. Thomson (Edinburgh). The Treasurer's report was received and approved. The report of the Executive Committee was received and approved and is printed below. Arising out of item 6, the Committee was asked to consider having a few longer communications from members or guests if there was no lecture at the meeting. Arising out of item 9, it was resolved not to publish the report on children's hospitals before the Paediatric Committee of the Royal College of Physicians of London had expressed its views. The President made a statement about the joint meeting in Quebec, and the Hon. Secretary spoke about the International Paediatric Association meeting in Copenhagen in 1956. There were 54 guests present including 12 from overseas. The George Frederic Still lecture was delivered by Professor F. A. E. Crew.

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