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BRITISH JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY (2004), 184, 8^9 IN DEBATE ADHD is best understood as a cultural construct SAMI TIMIMI / ERIC TAYLOR

  title={BRITISH JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY (2004), 184, 8^9 IN DEBATE ADHD is best understood as a cultural construct SAMI TIMIMI / ERIC TAYLOR},
  author={Eric Taylor},
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has received significant research attention and is a problem that is rarely out of the news – whether it is concerns about treating children with amphetamines, its overor underdiagnosis, or the longterm outcomes. Despite all the research it has been difficult to gain and maintain professional agreement on what ADHD is or what should be done about it. In 2002 an eminent group of psychiatrists and psychologists published the first consensus… Expand


Pathways to care in children at risk of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
Parents can be regarded as the main gatekeepers for access to specialist services for children at risk of ADHD through the help-seeking pathway through primary care and GP recognition. Expand
Hyperactivity and conduct problems as risk factors for adolescent development.
A developmental pathway through which hyperactivity raised the likelihood of impaired social adjustment, including the development of psychiatric disorders, independently of the existence of conduct problems was suggested. Expand
Clinical child and family psychology review
Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal that provides an international, interdisciplinary forum for new developments and in-depth reviews on current thoughtExpand
Mental health of children and adolescents in Great Britain
The findings described in this report and summarized here focus on the prevalence of mental disorders among 5-15 year olds and on the associations between the presence of a mental disorder andExpand
Pathological Child Psychiatry and the Medicalization of Childhood
On Becoming a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist - A Personal Account. The Postmodern Landscape and Children's Mental Health. Science and Faith in Mental Health. Reversing the Form/Content Argument.Expand
Effect of repeated methylphenidate administration on presynaptic dopamine and behaviour in young adult rats
A repeated dose of methylphenidate that had acute behavioural effects produced no long-term alteration in social interaction but attenuated presynaptic striatal dopamine function following subchronicmethylphenidate administration to adolescent rats. Expand
Early methylphenidate administration to young rats causes a persistent reduction in the density of striatal dopamine transporters.
This is the first empirical demonstration of long-lasting changes in the development of the central dopaminergic system caused by the administration of methylphenidate during early juvenile life. Expand
Constructing and Reconstructing Childhood: Contemporary Issues in the Sociological Study of Childhood
A new paradigm for the sociology of childhood? Provenance, promise and problems, Alan Prout and Allison James constructions and reconstructions of British childhood - an interpretive survey, 1800 toExpand
Syndromes of hyperactivity and attention deficit
  • In Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • 2002
Syndromes of hyperactivity and attention deficit. In Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (4th edn) (eds M.Rutter & E.Taylor), pp. 399^418.Oxford:Blackwell
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