BRCA1 mutations in African Americans

  title={BRCA1 mutations in African Americans},
  author={R.C.K. Panguluri and Lawrence C. Brody and Rama V. Modali and Kim Utley and Lucile L Adams-Campbell and Anthony A Day and Carolyn Whitfield-Broome and Georgia M. Dunston},
  journal={Human Genetics},
The breast cancer predisposing gene, BRCA1, was analyzed for germline mutations in 45 African American families at high-risk for hereditary breast cancer. Patients were considered high-risk if they had a family history of the disease, early onset breast cancer, bilateral breast cancer, or breast and ovarian cancer. The entire BRCA1 coding and flanking intron regions have been examined by single stranded conformation polymorphism analysis followed by sequencing of variant bands. Eleven different… CONTINUE READING