BRCA1-independent ubiquitination of FANCD2.

  title={BRCA1-independent ubiquitination of FANCD2.},
  author={Cassandra J Vandenberg and Fanni Gergely and Chong Yi Ong and Paul Pace and Donna L. Mallery and Kevin Hiom and Ketan J Patel},
  journal={Molecular cell},
  volume={12 1},
Monoubiquitination of the FANCD2 protein is a key step in the Fanconi anemia (FA) tumor suppressor pathway, coinciding with this molecule's accumulation at sites of genome damage. Strong circumstantial evidence points to a requirement for the BRCA1 gene product in this step. Here, we show that the purified BRCA1/BARD1 complex, together with E1 and UbcH5a, is sufficient to reconstitute the monoubiquitination of FANCD2 in vitro. Although siRNA-mediated knockdown of BRCA1 in human cells results in… CONTINUE READING