BRCA1-dependent ubiquitination of gamma-tubulin regulates centrosome number.

  title={BRCA1-dependent ubiquitination of gamma-tubulin regulates centrosome number.},
  author={Lea M. Starita and Yuka Machida and Satish Sankaran and Joshua E. Elias and Karen Griffin and Brian P. Schlegel and Steven P Gygi and Jeffrey D. Parvin},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={24 19},
Proper centrosome duplication and spindle formation are crucial for prevention of chromosomal instability, and BRCA1 plays a role in this process. In this study, transient inhibition of BRCA1 function in cell lines derived from mammary tissue caused rapid amplification and fragmentation of centrosomes. Cell lines tested that were derived from nonmammary tissues did not amplify the centrosome number in this transient assay. We tested whether BRCA1 and its binding partner, BARD1, ubiquitinate… CONTINUE READING
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