BRCA1 carries tumor suppressor activity distinct from that of p53 and p21

  title={BRCA1 carries tumor suppressor activity distinct from that of p53 and p21},
  author={Voahangy Randrianarison and Didier Marot and Nicolas Foray and Jeannine Cabannes and Vincent M{\'e}ret and Elisabeth Connault and Natacha Vitrat and Paule Opolon and M. Perricaudet and Jean Feunteun},
  journal={Cancer Gene Therapy},
The loss of BRCA1 function appears as an essential step in breast and ovarian epithelial cells oncogenesis and is consistent with the concept that BRCA1 acts as a tumor suppressor gene. However, the mechanism underlying this activity is not understood. In 1996, a retroviral vector was used for BRCA1 delivery to demonstrate that the transfer of BRCA1 inhibits breast and ovarian cancer cell growth. Since this early observation, the tumor growth inhibitory activity of BRCA1 in vivo has not been… CONTINUE READING


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