BRCA 1 DNA-Binding Activity Is Stimulated by BARD 1

  title={BRCA 1 DNA-Binding Activity Is Stimulated by BARD 1},
  author={Amanda M. Simons and Andrew A. Horwitz and Lea M. Starita and K Griffin and Robin S B Williams and J N Mark Glover and Jeffrey D. Parvin},
The breastand ovarian-specific tumor suppressor BRCA1 has been implicated in numerous cellular processes, including transcription, ubiquitination, and DNA repair. Its tumor suppression activity is tightly linked to that of BARD1, a protein that heterodimerizes with BRCA1. It has been previously shown that BRCA1 binds to DNA, an interesting functional observation in light of the genetic data linking BRCA1 to DNA repair pathways. In this work, we reexamine the DNA-binding properties of BRCA1… CONTINUE READING
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