author={M. J. Thompson and C. F. Cohen and S. M. Lancaster},
Abstract Since the method most commonly employed for the preparation of brassicasterol gave brassicasterol acetate in an overall 4% to 5% yield, an alternate method for the preparation of gram quantities of brassicasterol and 22,23-dihydrobrassicasterol was investigated. The partial syntheses of brassicasterol and 22,23-dihydrobrassicasterol are described. Brassicasterol and 22,23-dihydrobrassicasterol were obtained in an overall yield of 25% and 20%, respectively, from ergosterol via i… Expand
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Synthesis and biological activity of brassinolide and its 22β,23β-isomer: Novel plant growth-promoting steroids
Brassinolide (2 alpha, 3 alpha, 22 alpha, 23 alpha-tetrahydroxy-24 alpha-methyl -B-homo-7-oxa-5 alpha-cholestan-6-one), a novel plant growth-promoting steroid isolated from rape pollen, and itsExpand
Reaction of ergosteryl acetate with maleic anhydride and preparation of 5,7-ergostadien-3β-ol
An improved, large scale synthesis of the ergosteryl acetate-maleic anhydride Diels-Alder adduct and its pyrolysis are described. The complex mixture obtained by reaction of the two constituents wasExpand
Marine sterols. V. 1 isolation and structure of occelasterol, a new 27-norergostane-type sterol, from an annelida, Pseudopotamilla occelata
Occelasterol, a new marine C27 sterol, has been isolated from an annelida and its structure was confirmed as 22- trans -27-nor-(24S)-24-methylcholesta-5, 22-dien-3β-ol (IIa) from the spectral data and by synthesis. Expand
Isolation of brassicasterol from steam deodorizer distillate of rapeseed oil: Some properties of its acetate tetrabromide and its reduction to 22,23-dihydrobrassicasterol
Brassicasterol (5,22-ergostadien-3β-ol) was isolated from the steam deodorizer distillate of rapeseed oil and purified by acetylation, bromination, chromatography on 20% AgNO3/SiO2 columns andExpand
NMR spectra of C-24 isomeric sterols
Abstract Cholesterol and four pairs of C-24 isomeric sterols, campesterol-22,23-dihydrobrassicasterol, α-spinasterol-chondrillasterol, stigmasterol-poriferasterol, andExpand
[3,3]-Claisen rearrangements in 24α-methyl steroid synthesis Application to campesterol, crinosterol, and Δ25-crinosterol side chain construction
An improved synthesis of crinosterol and campesterol starting from stigmasterol is elaborates based on Claisen rearrangement of Delta23-22-allylic alcohols with various configurations of the 22-hydroxy group and geometry of theDelta23-double bond. Expand
Marine sterols. VI(1). Sterols of the scallop, Patinopecten yessoensis
The sterols of the scallop, Patinopecten yessoensis Jay, was found to contain over 20 components. The major components were Δ5-sterols and lesser amount of ring-saturated sterols were also present.Expand
Oxidized derivatives of dihydrobrassicasterol: cytotoxic and apoptotic potential in U937 and HepG2 cells.
The cytotoxic and apoptotic potential of oxidized derivatives of dihydrobrassicasterol including 5α,6α-epoxyergostan-3β-ol ( α-epoxide), 5β,6β-ep Oxyergostans-3 β-ol, and triol derivatives were evaluated in the U937 and HepG2 cell lines and added to the body of data on the toxicity of individual POPs. Expand
A new efficient procedure for the reduction of Δ7 ergostane derivatives
The reduction of Δ7-6-keto-ergostane derivatives with Na2S2O4 in the presence of a phase transfer catalyst is performed and the effect of experimental conditions is discussed. This represents a saferExpand
Antibacterial compounds from shoot skins of moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens)
Bamboo is intricately associated with human activity, and its usefulness is well known. For example, its roots and leaves have been used as medicinal products. Also, studies on the medicinalExpand