BRAF mutations in hairy-cell leukemia.

  title={BRAF mutations in hairy-cell leukemia.},
  author={Enrico Tiacci and Vladimir Trifonov and Gianluca Schiavoni and Antony Holmes and Wolfgang Kern and Maria Paola Martelli and Alessandra Pucciarini and Barbara Bigerna and Roberta Pacini and Victoria A. Wells and Paolo Sportoletti and Valentina Pettirossi and Roberta Mannucci and Oliver B. Elliott and Arcangelo Liso and Achille Ambrosetti and Alessandro Pulsoni and Francesco Forconi and Livio Trentin and Gianpietro Semenzato and Giorgio Inghirami and Monia Capponi and Francesco Di Raimondo and Caterina Patti and Luca Arcaini and Pellegrino Musto and Stefano A Pileri and Claudia Haferlach and Susanne Schnittger and Giovanni Pizzolo and Robin Fo{\'a} and Laurent Farinelli and Torsten Haferlach and Laura Pasqualucci and Raul Rabadan and Brunangelo Falini},
  journal={The New England journal of medicine},
  volume={364 24},
BACKGROUND Hairy-cell leukemia (HCL) is a well-defined clinicopathological entity whose underlying genetic lesion is still obscure. METHODS We searched for HCL-associated mutations by performing massively parallel sequencing of the whole exome of leukemic and matched normal cells purified from the peripheral blood of an index patient with HCL. Findings were validated by Sanger sequencing in 47 additional patients with HCL. RESULTS Whole-exome sequencing identified five missense somatic… CONTINUE READING


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