BPS Skyrme neutron stars in generalized gravity

  title={BPS Skyrme neutron stars in generalized gravity},
  author={Christoph Adam and Miguel Huidobro and Ricardo A. Vazquez and Andrzej Wereszczynski},
  journal={Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics},
  pages={041 - 041}
We study the coupling of nuclear matter described by the BPS Skyrme model to generalized gravity. Concretely, we consider the Starobinsky model which provides the leading-order correction to the Einstein-Hilbert action. Static solutions describing neutron stars are found both for the full field theory and for the mean-field approximation. We always consider the full Starobinsky model in the nonperturbative approach, using appropriately generalized shooting methods for the numerical neutron star… 
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